A small look inside . . .

“write your story” it said. ha. for real. we don’t have time for that.

I am a mom of two beautiful girls that I love dearly and that drive me crazy all in the same moment.

I was a wife, and am now navigating through life and figuring out what it means to not be said wife after 10 years and to not be someones partner, but instead to be a mom, a woman, on her own figuring it out and making it work.

I parent and try to figure out the best ways to do that, daily. I give and it makes my heart happy to help and serve others. I love and have always loved hard and completely and hope I am not forever tainted.

So, this . . . this is the journey, some of it, that can be shared without any of you having to be killed. . . this is part of that journey I can share. 🙂

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