New Year. New Journey. Or Not.

So cliche’….New Year, new start, new journey. Why wait until January 1 to start over? To make the resolution, to make the change?

I signed up to do a 5k with the oldest through her school back in August. We did this 5k last year and my goal was to just do better this year. I started “training,” recruited assistance, and with the couch to 5k app as a guide we all prepared to do this 5k.

What I found was the running was therapy.

On August 6th my “new life” was thrown at me. Let me make it known while I say it was thrown at me that I do take full responsibility for what happened in my marriage or the lack of things that happened that caused it to reach bottom. I also acknowledge I was willing to put in the time, efforts, etc. to fix it, wait the season out, etc; however, my partner was not. He was already done. Already decided. Thought the grass was greener. SO, with that I say it was thrown at me and because of that, I needed therapy and the running came at the perfect time.

We ran for the first few months. We went to the gym just to hit the treadmill. Eventually we branched out. We’d do some workouts, weights, strength training to just do something different, it became a necessity in my life. The gym was my therapy.

All while working out the “divorce diet” started. I couldn’t eat for the first few weeks, so I didn’t eat. I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks because of a COMPLETELY unhealthy lifestyle. But the anxiety was too much. The stress was real. The emotions wouldn’t allow food. While it wasn’t healthy it 100% gave me the jumpstart I needed. I saw results.

Backtrack 14 years or so and I graduated high school at like 110…I was small, and never worked at it and ate whatever I wanted, all the time. Well…then pregnancy, and #eatingfor2 and no real understanding at 22 as to what I was doing and how it would impact me for years to come after. I gained over 70 lbs with the first and if we’re honest never really lost any of it, in fact I only added to it. I fluctuated a bit but never did anything active. Never took care of myself or did anything to make myself healthy. Insert 2nd child and here were are in August….over 200 pounds. Ouch. For real. Ouch. I had a friend say “why did you let it get that bad?” Ha. Bigger ouch. But really why? Because I didn’t care. I was content. I wasn’t encouraged. I didn’t have the motivation. The end.

So here we are training for a 5k, going through a divorce that has my mind all over the place, and I’m seeing change.

So I continued and I cut out Diet Coke. My favorite. I don’t do coffee. I do Diet Coke. Yum. I cut out fast food, which seriously was at least 1 meal a day for me. I cut out the sweets. Every night before bed, a sweet and a glass of milk. HORRIBLE but now gone. I saw more results.

I inserted vitamins and meal replacement shakes and salads. I now am smart about not necessarily what I eat but HOW MUCH of it I eat. I will still have pizza but only a piece. I will have chicken strips but only 1 and it’s on top of salad. I don’t do fruits and veggies, don’t like them. Yuck. BUT I intentionally try them and it’s a mind game sometimes but I at least try.

My new therapy has now become my new lifestyle. But not on January 1.

All of this to say why wait? The #last90days of the year I was with my girl Rachel Hollis and her BFF Dave every morning for motivation and inspiration to keep the drive going. They believe and encourage you to go into the new year already running. If you’re already successful starting the year you’re more than likely going to keep it going because you’re just continuing what you’ve already been doing.

Of course I have goals and aspirations for 2019 and this new year and new journey but really my journey started 5 months ago. Your journey starts whenever you decide. Not on January 1 because it’s a fresh start but on August 6th because you’ve been thrown a curveball or October 4th because your house becomes yours or on November 20th because it’s all final. Or maybe it is today. Maybe it is January 1 because the mind game wins but at least you’re starting. Your journey starts when you take the step. One step forward. One day at a time. Your journey, fresh start, new you starts then!


Author: Heather Musick

Mother of 2 going through life one day at a time . . .

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  1. Loved the story and the changes you are making. You are doing great. It’s a lifestyle change and I’m so glad you found it


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