there’s a whole world out there

I often am the one in the group that hasn’t seen the movie or show that everyone is referencing. For example, I have yet to see any episodes of The Office or any of the Hunger Game movies . . . my DVR is filled with reality TV and scripted dramas because #amillionlittlethings and #thisisus are life for this momma and we become creatures of habit and quiet frankly I don’t have room for more shows. I have never tried sushi…. I think the closest I’ve been to it was at a restaurant downtown like over 10 years ago with a girlfriend and I tried a spring roll, which was a stretch for me at the time! 🤷🏼‍♀️ I have never eaten at many ‘good’ restaurants around the area and haven’t tried Thai or Indian food. I know I will like the burger and fries and I know what I like at certain restaurants, so I just stick with what I know. We do this in life with shows, movies, food, friendships, all of it – or I do anyway. I like what I know, fear of the unknown is just that, a fear and I don’t like that, so I stay away.

You know that feeling when you get comfortable? You don’t want to branch out because of that fear of not knowing. What if I make a fool of myself in a new workout class? What if I say the wrong thing in a mom’s group? What if I don’t like the sushi? Well who the hell cares . . .I mean, so what if you don’t right?! I just yelled that at myself, not you. But really who does care? I mean if we don’t try the new thing how are we ever going to learn new things or challenge ourselves to be better versions of ourselves.

I am a social butterfly. I LOVE people. I like being in groups, I don’t even mind being the center of attention from time to time, and I want people to have fun and talk and be creative and helpful and conversate with each other. I genuinely enjoy being around that type of environment. Not everyone is that way though . . . and we become creatures of habit, products of our environment and we meet our partners at different levels. Plus let’s be real….kids, work, college, activities, you know the basic adulting stuff prevents a lot of the ‘fun’ stuff from happening sometimes . . .we get into a funk and instead of getting up and trying something new, we just make excuses (see the ones listed a few lines above for examples if you’re looking for a good one) or we call in the pizza on speed dial. Instead of going on a new adventure in our city, we stay in and do nothing. I hate that my family and I became this way. This is yet another reason I think my marriage failed. We got complacent. Actually, hold on, let me back up. My marriage failed because there were not two people that wanted the same thing or had the same desires; one (me, there’s no hiding it here) wanted to work on it, one wanted out. NOW, one of the reasons that said marriage needed work . . .complacency. Okay – back on track – we just get stuck and it’s hard to get out of the rut. You have to want to, and then, you have to force yourself when you don’t want to.

As much as I am a social butterfly, I also LOVE sitting alone in the house with just the TV, a good blanket, and the animals (one day a man will be sitting beside me, holding my hand, rubbing my leg, you know acting like he likes me), but until then I do this alone and I love doing this from time to time as well. I’m not saying we need to be on the go all the time – but there needs to be a healthy balance and I haven’t had that, shoot, I still don’t. I live in a city with AMAZING things to see and do and many of them are free. FREE I said! I love me some free. There is beauty to be seen just by walking the streets downtown or at the Plaza or cute shops to window shop at (because #technicallystillunemployed). Point being – there. are. things. to. do.

Next point being….I have so much life to experience. I have so many new things to try. I want to jump out of a plane. I want about 87 more tattoos. I want to try new foods. I want to sight-see in my own city. I want to get in the car and go on an adventure, randomly, because that is NEVER who I have allowed myself to be and why wouldn’t I?! Why wouldn’t I want to seize the moment and enjoy?

Go. Experience. Experiment. Enjoy!


Author: Heather Musick

Mother of 2 going through life one day at a time . . .

2 thoughts

  1. I hope you finally do “the city life” as you should. There are so many FREE things to do and you SHOULD. Broaden your horizons and teach the girls things that they would not normally know about. Hope the new adventures lead you on the path you should be on. Just remember us here “in the country life” when that life gets too busy! Love ya


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