figuring it all out.

I’ve got it all figured out – said no one ever. Well except for the narcissistic fool that thinks they do have it all figured out. In their mind, they do – it’s like they know no better . . .anyway, that’s not me. I have so much yet to learn; from skincare, to hair care, gardening, working, working out, nutrition, I mean I could literally list every aspect of LIFE here. So basically I have a lot to learn, about all. of. the. LIFE.

I learned this weekend that like my oily hair, my oily skin needs to just be oily and drying it out with straight 91% alcohol and then using body lotion as a facial moisturizer is NOT the key to winning at the facial game. So now I have some special peels and exfoliation stuff and actual face moisturizer that will help my face look and feel as awesome as it really is. As a woman I guess it’s important to do these things. Most days, let’s be real I’m lucky if I wash my makeup off after the day. Actually let’s be more real here, most days I don’t wear make up, but the sweat and the day don’t get washed off either – gotta step up my game here. #day3ofunwashedhairmeetcleanface

I am also learning that what other people do and say, even when it’s to me or at me is not really who or what I am. People are mean. People say things to bring others down – why? I really don’t get that. Like I am trying so damn hard in this world to raise 2 KIND girls. That’s my #1. I don’t care if you’re in the top 10% of your class, or the best baller, or the class president or ANY. of. that. I want you to be kind. Be nice. Be loving. THE. END. So – when people are mean to you, when you’re that way it like eats at you, sometimes you believe what they say – it can totally knock you back down. I think mean people can hear it and be like ‘eh, yeah, WTFever’ and move on, because they’re used to it so much. Me, on the other hand it hurts to the dang core. It makes me reflect and go ‘am I that way, am I a bad person?’ when I KNOW I am not but man, how can someone say such harsh words?and so easily? Its literally insane to me. Sooooo, yeah, still learning on that. Any tips? Any tips for letting all the bad things roll off? I mean I am pretty good at it, sometimes, but when it comes to my kids or things I’ve worked really hard on and am proud of I get a little defensive and those cuts go a little bit deeper and don’t roll off so well.


Author: Heather Musick

Mother of 2 going through life one day at a time . . .

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